10 Steps back into the city – how to make your visit to Chester as enjoyable as possible!

10 Steps back into the city – how to make your visit to Chester as enjoyable as possible!
  1. Travel in safely

With quieter roads and the opportunity to stay outside, cycling is a brilliant option at the moment. Walking is also a great way to access the city centre, either by parking outside the city and continuing the journey on foot or create a route from home that incorporates your daily exercise. The Grosvenor Shopping Centre, NCP on Pepper Street, Linenhall and all council car parks will be open for June 15th. Blue Badge holders can use Kaleyards car parking while street parking is temporarily unavailable. Park and Ride services are temporarily suspended. For details and parking offers click here. 

  1. Plan your visit.

It’s important to work out your walking route around the city and an itinerary of where you want to go before you set out. Not all non-essential shops are re-opening immediately but may be providing additional online or telephone services. Some shops are planning an appointment system for a one-to-one approach and may need to be contacted in advance. See a list of BID Member businesses here. Before making a trip to the city for a specific business, check with them directly for opening times and updated systems. 

  1. Walk around outside with care.

Chester city centre will be pedestrianised from 10.30am – 4.30pm daily. This allows for greater social distancing as many queues will congregate on pavements. Use the added space allowing at least 2 metres between you and anyone not from your household. Use your judgement when taking narrow routes on whether you can do so safely.

  1. Follow the signage.

The city centre will have ‘Keep Left’ signage to indicate routes and queueing systems. Individual businesses will be responsible for managing their own spaces. Different shops may have different rules because of their particular space requirements. Think of the city as a 4 lane carriage-way with the pavements/outside lanes used for queuing and the streets/middle lanes used for pedestrian traffic.

  1. Follow the new one-way system on the rows.

Chester city rows offer a wonderful respite from any bad weather, but at the moment they must be used on a newly installed one-way system only. The remainder of the city will not be one-way but will have ‘Keep Left’ messaging throughout.

  1. Stay clean.

Try to bring hand sanitiser with you into the city. The city centre is deploying up to nine street cleaners at any one time to keep the city centre as safe and hygienic as possible. The most used Bellybins throughout the city have been installed with foot pedals that can be used without skin contact. If you touch any surface from door handles to railings, please use hand sanitiser immediately. There will hand sanitiser at the doorway of many shops. Contactless payment will be the preferred payment at most retailers.

  1. Wear a mask or face covering.

The WHO recommend the wearing of masks in public places. If you don’t have a mask, you will be able to pick one up– from designer versions at local designers Matthew O’Brien to a multi-packs from Boots or B&M.

  1. Eat out.

There are many local eateries that are running takeaway services and would love your support including Chester Market. Use the #ChesterTogether Digital High Street Map to find out if your favourite restaurant is doing so. Perhaps think about picking up a takeaway for your evening meal while you are in the city centre. Some fine dining restaurants are providing cook at home versions. The government are set to release a date when restaurants and bars may open.

  1. Work rest trips into your day

Public Toilets and hand sanitiser will be available at the main bus terminal at the top of Frodsham Street. There will also be a hand sanitisation station at the entrance to Chester Market.

  1. Be supportive.

This pandemic has presented a challenge to each and every business in the city centre. The re-opening process for those lucky enough to be able to do so will be a learning curve. Help our businesses and if you feel they could improve their offering to make your experience more enjoyable, please do let them know. You can also send suggestions directly to the BID using info@ch1chesterbid.co.uk or social media messaging @CH1Chester.

The City Hosts will be back on the streets of Chester ready to welcome you back. They will be happy to offer advice and guidance and to listen to your feedback or suggestions for improvements. You can see how to access the city centre businesses remotely or in person through the #ChesterTogether Digital High Street Map at www.experiencechester.co.uk/chestertogether.

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