ARTISTS INVASION IMMINENT! Chester Art Beat is nearly here

ARTISTS INVASION IMMINENT! Chester Art Beat is nearly here

The word on the street is that our city is about to be overrun by the Chester Art Beat. On 25th of October 16 talented artists will invade Chester and occupy 8 strategic locations. The occupation will last for three days, but if successful, the invaders will return.

The Chester Art Beat 2018 is a pilot instigated by Canon Brooke and managed by local artist, and town crier, Julie Mitchell. In the photo Julie Mitchell is pictured left, Canon Jane Brooke right, either side of one of the participating artists, processional puppeteer, Russell Kirk.

Chester Art Beat is a free, family-friendly walking trail which will allow visitors to see artists creating works on site and who will happily chat about what they do and how they are inspired. Expect to see art, craft and design work covering sculpture, textile art, painting, drawing, printmaking, processional puppet work and digital fractal design.

The best order in which take in all the venues is to start at Chester Racecourse, then move along Watergate Street to Stanley Palace, carry on up Watergate to the Cartoon Gallery and to Bishop Lloyd’s Palace. Then head further into the city for the Grosvenor Shopping Centre (central atrium), Marks and Spencer, Chester Cathedral, and Storyhouse. There is a free competition for children and adults to win £25 vouchers for art materials as they walk the trail. Times: 11:00-3:30 on 25th/26th – 11:00-4:30 on 27th. Download your trail map from: www.the

This is very much a community project: a free event for all ages, designed to attract visitors to our beautiful city. Artists, craft makers and designers give their time free, and likewise the venues are generously donated. It is expected that the venues will benefit from increased exposure and footfall. The event has been made possible by generous financial support from HRH Duke of Westminster’s Grosvenor Estates, Cheshire High Sheriff’s Cheshire Community Foundation, 11 CWaC Councillors, and private donors, as well as practical support from Chester BID, CWaC, Councillor Jill Houlbrook, and Tracy French, Head of Art at Upton High School.

Contact: Julie Mitchell 07955 641015
Photo to be credited to Ashleigh Ann of