Clockwise Chester Update – Winter 2022

Clockwise Chester Update – Winter 2022

Following the completion of the drainage tunnel works along the inner ring road, and first phase of reverting Nicholas Street to two-way traffic in October (plus the reopening of Nuns Road in December); the second and third phases of lifting the Clockwise diversions have been designed to allow traffic to safely return to normal after over twelve months of diversions.

 Clockwise Lifting Summary – see attached for more details and maps

Phase 2:

From 20 February, southbound traffic will be again be able to complete a full section of the inner ring road from the Fountains Roundabout to the Grosvenor Roundabout along St. Martins Way and Nicholas Street, with fully reopened junctions at Hunter Street, Princess Street and Watergate Street.

Phase 3:

From 27 February, to ensure drivers can adjust to the changes, only one lane westbound will be open around the amphitheatre from Love Street and Pepper Street

From 6 March traffic will fully revert to two-way between Love Street and Pepper Street and all Clockwise diversions will be lifted.

Castle Drive Update

Works on the new drain outfall into the River Dee are continuing into March due to the discovery of uncharted underground pipes along the riverbank. This has required additional diversion works by Severn Trent Water and will result in the continued closure of the central section of Castle Drive until these works are completed. As a result, access to the Little Roodee Car Park and Covid test site will remain via Grosvenor Road only and access to the University’s Riverside campus via Lower Bridge Street only.

See downloadable pdf with maps and details here

Published 28th January 2022