Eurovision 2023


Our neighbours, Liverpool, are this years lucky hosts of Eurovision song contest 2023.

Eurovision is an annual international song competition that has been running since 1956. It has grown in popularity over the years and is now watched by millions of people around the world. The competition is known for its extravagant performances, outlandish costumes, and diverse music styles. This will be the 9th time the UK has hosted the song contest, the last time being Birmingham in 1998.

This iconic worldwide event is happening on our doorstep so we want to make sure you get to experience #Eurovision2023 in Chester too! This may be if you choose to stay over in our historical city, maybe you’re in Liverpool and want to travel over to Chester, or you’re a Cestrian wanting to celebrate inside the walls!

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Chester Train

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Chester and Liverpool are only 20 minutes away by Car and 40 minutes by train so why not experience inside Chesters Roman Walls with plenty of hospitality venues, retailers and independents – we have so much to offer!

Get yourself a trophy!

Pyramid Designer Glassware & Gifts Ltd, Chester will be one of the sole stockists of the Eurovision Trophy that is presented to the winner of the song contest. Designed by Kjell Engman of Kosta Boda, only 300 pieces are made for retail globally.

To read more about the Designer and the Trophy itself click here

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Stay in Chester

With that much to experience in Chester, why not stay the night? Or even the weekend! 

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Looking for somewhere to eat within our historic Roman walls? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Get ready to become a pro #ChesterFoodie Chester has something for everyone wether you’re into your exquisite steaks, animal free food or something out of the ordinary. Are your taste buds ready to take on our Michelin Star Restaurants, Traditional British Cuisine, Sunday Brunches and Sunday Lunches? 

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Storyhouse: Pre-party & LIVE Viewing

From a Eurovision party in the Kitchen hosted by the outrageous drag queen Shaggerada to a LIVE streaming of the Eurovision FINAL. Storyhouse welcomes you to join in on the fun, whoever you’re flying the flag for!

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Ukraine Flag


Cheshire West & Chester Council is playing its part in providing safety and shelter for people fleeing the conflict in Ukraine. The borough has a proud history of welcoming refugees and others seeking sanctuary and we are doing what we can to support Ukrainian people at this time of crisis.


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Ideas for a Eurovision Party

Hosting a Eurovision party is a great way to celebrate the competition and enjoy the music with friends and family. Here are ten ideas for a Eurovision party that are sure to make the night a memorable one:

  1. Decorate your house with flags and banners from different countries that are competing in Eurovision. You can also include some glitter and colorful decorations to match the over-the-top aesthetic of the competition.

  2. Have a Eurovision trivia game for your guests to play. You can include questions about the history of the competition, previous winners, and interesting facts about the songs and performers.

  3. Create a Eurovision-themed menu with food and drinks inspired by different countries participating in the competition. You can serve traditional dishes and drinks from each country, or create a fusion menu inspired by the different cuisines.

  4. Have a Eurovision costume contest. Encourage your guests to come dressed in their best Eurovision-inspired outfits, whether it’s a glitzy dress or a quirky costume.

  5. Set up a photo booth with Eurovision-themed props and costumes. Your guests can take fun pictures together and post them on social media using the #Eurovison2023 hashtag for your party.

  6. Create a Eurovision bingo game. You can make bingo cards with different Eurovision clichés, such as pyrotechnics, wind machines, or a singer with a big hairdo.

  7. Have a Eurovision karaoke session. Your guests can take turns singing their favorite Eurovision songs, or even create their own Eurovision-style song.

  8. Set up a voting system for your guests to cast their votes for their favorite songs. You can use a scoring system similar to Eurovision, or have your guests vote for different categories, such as best performance or best costume.

  9. Create a Eurovision playlist for your party, featuring some of the most iconic songs from previous competitions. You can also include some of the current year’s entries.

  10. Finally, don’t forget to watch the Eurovision competition together as a group. Cheer on your favorite performers, react to the outrageous performances, and enjoy the music with your friends and family.

Hosting a Eurovision party is a fun and exciting way to celebrate this iconic music competition. With these ten ideas, you can create a memorable and entertaining party that your guests will love.