Kayes Jewellers

Kayes Jewellers

Kayes Jewellers was established by Michael Kosciukiewitcz in Rhyl, North Wales in 1948.  We believe our surname was dramatically shortened due to the need to reproduce it in expensive gold leaf over the shop front.

Now owned and operated by the founders two sons, Nick and Tony Kaye, Kayes is an  ‘old school’  business specialising in diamonds, gemstones, fine jewellery and vintage items.  Kayes offer a bespoke service to each and every client.  There’s no head office, management layer or commission hungry sales team to negotiate.  Our (short) name is over the door and we are here to help you personally.

Kayes Jewellers specialise in diamonds, coloured gemstones and fine jewellery. They don’t sell watches or branded jewellery. There are many jewellery shops, but very few real jewellers.

Come along to the showroom on the beautiful St Michael’s Row in the Grosvenor Shopping Centre to see some of the finest jewellery in Chester.

Kayes Jewellers, St Michael’s Row, Grosvenor Shopping Centre, Chester.  01244 327149