Love in Chester

Love in Chester

Chester city centre is all about the love!

Whether you love food, drink, art, jewellery, beauty products or even board games, Chester has everything you need to feel the love this February.

Over 100 businesses have gifts you can order safely by phone, email or online. Treat yourself or someone you love.

Decision making is hard so we’ve put together some gift giving ideas to help you share the love, choose something to make you sparkle in Chester or go for a romantic walk as part of your daily exercise.

And don’t forget, you can see ALL the ways to order Food & Drink To GoShop from Your Sofa or support any of the shops that are Open During Lockdown for essential items on our updated #Chester Together page.

Missing Chester? Take a digital walking tour through some of Chester’s most loved spots on the map below. Show some love to your favourite businesses using #LoveInChester.

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