Meet the Scientists: New event series launches at Chester Zoo

Meet the Scientists: New event series launches at Chester Zoo

Visitors are being given the chance to ‘Meet The Scientists’ at Chester Zoo.

The zoo has unveiled the new programme of talks as part of its major Wild Worlds summer festival, which celebrates gardens, science and nature.

Sarah Bazley, Discovery and Learning Manager at the zoo, said:

“We’re calling all aspiring scientists, animal enthusiasts and those with a thirst for knowledge.

“You may know the zoo as a haven for super cute animals, but there is a wealth of fascinating science that underpins what you see as a visitor.

“This summer, we want to give everyone the chance to meet our experts, hear about what they do and – like all good scientists – ask questions!”

All events are free with normal zoo admission and take place from 1 – 3pm at the zoo’s new Botanist’s Lab installation, part of the Wild Worlds festival. For more information and to book zoo tickets, visit


Full event listings:


Date Scientist Topic
2, 9 July Field Conservation Manager Palm oil Q&A

The growing oil palm industry and its unsustainable production is one of the biggest threats facing the forests and wildlife of Borneo and Sumatra – and demand is increasing. Visitors can Chester Zoo experts for a Q&A session on palm oil and learn how to make a difference!

4, 17 July, 23, 28 August Social Scientist Social Science at Chester Zoo

Join Chester Zoo’s team of social scientists to discover their six conservation and science specialisms that are preventing extinction right now. Visitors will be invited to explore the role of zoos and learn more.

18 July, 29 August Technical Assistant Playing matchmakers: the science of animal breeding

Managing physically and genetically healthy animal populations requires a huge amount of collaboration. Chester Zoo experts work work throughout Europe and worldwide running breeding programmes that keep zoo animal populations healthy for the long term. Visitors are invited to discover how conservationists ensure that all the right animal matches are made.

20 July Laboratory Assistant, Applied Science Securing a future for young elephants: vital research into Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV)

Elephant endotheliotropic herpesvirus (EEHV) is a deadly virus which affects young elephants typically around weaning age.  This talk will reveal more about the vital weekly blood tests being carried out in the Chester Zoo lab, as part of a global fight to find a cure.

23 July, 20 August UK Biodiversity Officer Rare British Trees

From black poplars to Llangollen whitebeams, Chester Zoo’s Biodiversity Officer reveals how the zoo has been working towards conserving some of the rarest trees in the UK!


26, 27 July, 18, 24 September Field Programme Coordinator Camera traps and biodiversity surveys

Ready to become a field conservationist? Chester Zoo’s field programmes conservationists reveal how to set up biodiversity surveys and invite visitors to have a go at identifying the species recorded on camera traps in South East Asia and Africa.

1 August Conservation Scientist Bringing the lab to the field: testing for disease in wild birds

Beak and feather disease virus is a disease affecting many parrots and cockatoos populations. Chester Zoo’s experts will give an insight into genetics and how technology and blood testing for the virus in the field gives almost instant results.

2, 3, 21, 22 August Behaviour and Welfare Scientists Zoo, camera, action!

Chester Zoo experts reveal how they monitor the behaviour of zoo animals with footage from behind-the-scenes, recording behaviour, utilising animal data and science to ensure the animals are happy and healthy.

4 September Reproductive Biologist Managing the numbers: reproductive management in zoos
From how zoos decide which animals to put together to practical ways zoos promote natural breeding behaviours, visitors are invited to learn more about the science of breeding in zoos!
20 September Conservation Scientists Conservation Career Q&A

Conservationists will give an insight into the variety of careers in available at the zoo for aspiring conservation scientists!