Memorial Spiral unveiled in Chester Cathedral

Memorial Spiral unveiled in Chester Cathedral

A ‘memorial spiral’ created from a variety of stones has been unveiled inside Chester Cathedral to coincide with the National Day of Reflection on 23 March.

The installation has been constructed in the nave of the Cathedral to create a place for reflection as we pass the anniversary of lockdown.  It entails a large stone spiral surrounded by candle prayer stations.  The spiral captures our experience of spinning in and out of lockdown over the last twelve months, sometimes confined to the innermost small space of our own home and household, sometimes let out into society again only to risk return to further restriction. The spiral invites us to remember the infinity of space and time beyond ourselves, the immensity of the universe and the promise of eternity beyond the here and now.

Vice Dean of Chester Cathedral, Canon Jane Brooke says: “As the Cathedral reopens, we hope our memorial spiral will give people an opportunity for quiet prayer and the possibility of lighting a candle in memory of those who have died in the last year especially.”

“We are very grateful to Dandy’s Topsoil and Landscape Centre for their support of this project which will undoubtedly help many living both in and around the city, and to our volunteers who physically constructed the spiral in the nave.”  The Vice Dean adds.

Chester Cathedral is currently open for private prayer and reflection.  The Cathedral is open from 12 noon to 5pm daily.  The memorial spiral remains in the Cathedral until late-April.


Published 23rd March 2021