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Welcome to the #MostInstagramableCity of Chester

Once you have made your way through our iconic walls that wrap our stunning city, Chester. You will find our historic Rows filled with a range of businesses for you to step inside and experience. Then, why not take yourself on a stunning walk alongside the river? Making your way back to the high street to find the picturesque hidden gems around the city. If this wasn’t enough we have several landmarks for you to experience, including Eastgate Clock which is said to be The Most Photographed Clock in the UK after Big Ben.

Cheshire, Chester’s County has also finished ninth in an Instagram survey of the most hashtag’d areas within the UK with nearly 3 Million #Chester Tags. View We also have nearly 1 million posts that have used the Chester Location.

We are now aiming to be the Most Instagramable City in the UK, to help us do this…

1) Visit our beautiful city and take a picture – we have left some ideas below!

2) Use the hashtag #Chester #MostInstagramableCity 

3) Just enjoy our attractive city!

Our history is proven in our long standing landmarks which you can find across the city…

Chester Cathedral

Chester’s City Walls

Eastgate Clock

The Rows

The Cross

Chester Roman Amphitheatre

Chester Roman Gardens

Chester Town Hall

The Groves on The River Dee

Wishing Steps

Watergate & Bridge Street

The Water Tower

Three Old Arches


Chloe and leox chester

As well as our landmarks we also have some hidden gems to take the best Instagram!

Godstall Lane

St Michaels Row

Underneath Eastgate Clock

Outside Storyhouse

Grosvenor Park

Wishing Steps

Exchange Square

Grosvenor Shopping Centre

The Chester Grosvenor Hotel

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