Three ways to burn almost 200 calories in Chester – without going to the gym!

Three ways to burn almost 200 calories in Chester – without going to the gym!

From the iconic city Walls to the tranquillity of Grosvenor Park, Chester city centre is the perfect place for a brisk walk to keep up those New Year fitness resolutions.

January is the time of year when many people are putting their New Year’s resolutions into place, with getting fit or losing weight often at the top of the wish list.

Joining a gym or signing up with a personal trainer isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but there is another way to burn off some post-Christmas calories, and it needn’t cost a penny.

Walking is one of least expensive and most convenient ways to get fit and in Chester there are plenty of scenic routes and iconic landmarks to enjoy if you want to get out and about.  Here are three fantastic city centre routes to help get your heart rate up:

1)    The City Walls

Perhaps the most obvious one is Chester’s famous city walls – the oldest, longest and most complete in Britain.  Parts of the route are almost 2,000 years old and statistics suggest that more than 2.5 million people walk them every year!

Chester’s walls complete a full circuit of the city and those choosing to take on the 2-mile hike will burn on average 190 calories whilst taking in idyllic views of the city. A win-win!

2)    Talking Walls of Chester

Talking Walls is a history and heritage project created by CH1ChesterBID, launched in 2017, offering walking routes that feature various twists and turns through Chester’s cobbled streets and historic lanes.

Plaques that hang on buildings throughout the city can be scanned with a smartphone and the passer-by will receive a phone call with a voice that reveals the story of that building’s past.

Taking on between three and four locations would take roughly 20 minutes and the average person would burn around 110 calories along the way.  Or if you fancy something a bit more challenging, you could take on all twenty-six Talking Walls across the city!

3)    Grosvenor Park

Anyone looking to get closer to nature can enjoy the picturesque views that come with a scenic trek through the city centre and into Grosvenor Park.  Starting from the Eastgate Clock, head through town and down to the River Dee via Bridge Street, along the river and past the bandstand to the bottom of Grosvenor Park.

Take a moment to admire the greenery and the history that’s all around, such as the original archway from St Michael’s Church and the Jacob’s Well drinking fountain.  Then it’s straight up through St John Street and back to the Eastgate Clock to complete a full loop.

This route would take around 35 minutes to walk and would eat up around 170 calories making it the longest of the three, but a coffee and a snack in the city centre when you’re finished would be well earned!