This Halloween, visit Chester and see for yourself the supernatural goings-on in perhaps England’s most haunted ciy.

One of Chester’s most famous ghosts haunts the Thorntons chocolate shop on Eastgate Street.

Rumour has it, that Sarah, a once jilted bride, hanged herself in the late 18th or early 19th century after her fainthearted fiancé, Wilhelm, left her at the altar on their wedding day.

Since then, Sarah has taken her resentment out on the shop and its chocolates, wreaking havoc and disrupting displays – especially around Valentines’ Day.

Sarah is thought to have been the cause for supernatural thuds and loud bangs emanating from empty rooms. She’s also been tied to a strange wailing sound and lights flickering on and off after business hours.

Doors throughout the building, which was once House of Bewlay Tobacconist, also open and close by an unseen hand; especially in the top floor front room and the store’s basement.

Spookily, a store manager once claimed that she had witnessed one member of staff being possessed by Sarah. The store assistant was coming down the stairs, when she began singing an unknown song and holding her hands out as if lifting a long and heavy dress.

A psychic who visited the store in recent years gave a terrifyingly detailed description of Sarah and her dress. She said Sarah had brown eyes and brown hair loosely tied in a bun. Her ghostly spirit is wearing a light yellow coloured wedding dress (characteristic for the period) with silky short sleeves – and frighteningly, she has a thick rope round her neck.

She believed Sarah had not left the shop since her death, because she was trying to find her fiancé. The psychic also claimed she felt the presence of a sombre man, dressed in black. She feels this may be Sarah’s betrothed, Wilhelm, and tried to reunite the spirits in matrimony after death.

This Halloween will you be brave enough to visit Sarah and see if she’s finally been reunited with her long-lost love?

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