Celebrating 15 years as Official Trophy Supplier to Eurovision

Celebrating 15 years as Official Trophy Supplier to Eurovision

   In 2023, Kosta Boda and renowned glass artist Kjell Engman celebrate 15 years as the Official Trophy Supplier to the Eurovision Song Contest.

This year’s Semi-finals and Final will be hosted in Liverpool between May 9 and 13th under the banner of ‘United by Music’ demonstrating the unique partnership between the United Kingdom, Ukraine and the host city. Also reflecting the origins of the competition – to bring the European community closer together.

Few, if any, artists better embody the slogan ‘United by Music’ than Kjell Engman. Stemming from a family of musicians and with a background as a rock guitarist himself, musical influences play a large part in Engman’s glass art.

Fitting then that, in 2008, Kjell Engman and Kosta Boda were given the honor of designing and producing the official trophy for the Eurovision Song Contest. The prize, a mouth-blown and hand-cut

glass sculpture in the shape of a classic microphone has both timeless and nostalgic appeal highly appreciated by Eurovision Song Contest followers globally.

An internationally established glass artist, Kjell Engman has been an integral part of Kosta Boda since 1978. Bold colors, generous and playful shapes, overall positivity and, of course, music are omnipresent influences in Engman’s work going hand in hand with this year’s Eurovision theme.

“To me, combining and connecting different art expressions is a constant source of inspiration. I’m passionate about the larger context, about identifying and animating overarching themes,” says Engman.

The celebrated trophy is crafted and produced at the Kosta glassworks in Småland, Sweden.

Kosta Boda offers a limited edition (300 ex.) miniature replica version of the official trophy at EUR 275 and £ 250. Available at select Kosta Boda resellers throughout Europe.

Pyramid Designer Glassware & Gifts Ltd, Chester will be one of the sole stockists of the Eurovision Trophy that is presented to the winner of the song contest. Designed by Kjell Engman of Kosta Boda, only 300 pieces are made for retail globally.