Chester Cathedral Community Cross unveiled

Chester Cathedral Community Cross unveiled

An installation titled the ‘Chester Cathedral Community Cross’ has been unveiled at Chester Cathedral earlier this week.

The cross is an initiative that invited businesses and local communities within the city centre to convey using any materials,  ‘What did Lockdown mean to you?’ on a small wooden plaque.   People were invited to use whatever creative means they wished; many answered the question and these have now been attached to the cross on display in the Cathedral. 

Chester Cathedral Vice Dean, Canon Jane Brooke says “The pandemic and subsequent lockdown affected people in many different ways, bringing negativity and positivity, fear, loneliness, togetherness, heartache and joy.

I am delighted that so many people engaged with this project. When viewing the cross, we hope visitors can empathise with the experiences of those represented on the cross.”

The Community Cross remains on display until Tuesday 29 September 2020.