Exploring Chester’s Nightlife

Exploring Chester City Centre Nightlife: A Vibrant Hub of Entertainment and Fun

Chester boasts a lively nightlife scene that caters to the tastes and preferences of all visitors. From high-energy dance clubs to cosy late-night spots, and from craft beer havens to chic drinking venues, this historic city has it all. In this blog, we will take a closer look at some of the prominent nightlife establishments in Chester, allowing you to plan your perfect night out in this enchanting city.

Night Out: Dance The Night Away

Bonobo – If you’re in the mood for a vibrant and energetic atmosphere, Bonobo is the place to be. This popular nightclub is known for its fantastic DJs, pulsating dance music, and stylish interior. Dance enthusiasts can expect an electrifying experience as they move to the beats and enjoy the company of fellow partygoers. 

Rosies – With multiple themed rooms and a diverse range of music, Rosies guarantees a memorable night out. Whether you’re into R&B, pop, or chart-topping hits, this dynamic venue has something for everyone. The lively ambiance and top-notch drinks make Rosies an ideal choice for those seeking a thrilling night of dancing and revelry. 

Boheme – Let the Pinchos and Snacks lead the way to this stunning show-piece bar. Open everyday until late, serving signature & seasonal cocktails which are perfectly paired with their Pincho menu to keep the conversations flowing well into the night. 

Craft & Co – For an intimate and sophisticated nightlife experience, Craft & Co offers an exceptional blend of live music, craft cocktails, and a stylish setting. This trendy lounge creates a welcoming environment for those who prefer a more relaxed atmosphere, making it perfect for socialising with friends while enjoying some soulful tunes.

JAX – Feel the beat on Northgate Street with JAX and JAX On The Square. Where live music meets a bustling atmosphere like nowhere else, serving your favourite drinks along with the best tracks to continue any must have party.

Popcorn – As one of Chester’s most well-known bars, Popcorn is a hub of energy, acceptance, and inclusivity. This venue attracts a diverse crowd and hosts regular themed nights and events such as live music, quiz nights and much more. Get ready for a night of non-stop table-top dancing, vibrant scenes, and some of the best cocktails around.

The Guild – Like no ordinary place, The Guild is set in the former Holy Trinity Church down Watergate Street. With two bars, a VIP area and velvet booth seating this historic building boasts a venue to celebrate in as soundtracks from their DJ’s fill the air.

Beer And Craft: Unleashing Your Inner Beer Cicerone

That Beer Place – If you’re a craft beer enthusiast, That Beer Place is a must-visit destination. This cosy establishment boasts an extensive selection of locally brewed and international craft beers. With knowledgeable staff and a laid-back atmosphere, you can sip on your favourite brews while engaging in conversations about the world of craft beer.

Beer Heroes – Beer Heroes is another gem in Chester’s beer scene. This vibrant bar set in the historic archways, offers an eclectic range of craft beers on tap, accompanied by a friendly and welcoming ambiance. From hoppy IPAs to rich stouts, you’ll find a diverse selection of beers to suit your taste buds. Take your time exploring the vast array of flavours on offer.

The Pied Bull – As it stands, The Pied Bull is THE ONLY micro-brewery within Chester’s City Walls. Their keg and craft beers are all hand crafted by their award-winning master brewer, Richard Sedgewick. With a wide range of traditional bitters, pale ales, IPAs and more you’re sure to find something to wet your whistle.

Drinking Venues: Indulge in Chester's Vibrant Social Scene

Commonhall Social – A community-oriented drinking spot that encourages socialising and shared experiences. With its lively atmosphere and a wide selection of craft beers, wines, and cocktails, it’s an ideal place to meet friends or make new ones. Check out the back! Their courtyard area comes complete with ping pong tables and booth seating – it’s the perfect spot whatever the weather for bites, bevvies and banter.

North Light – Aesthetically fronting the Northgate Development, North Light combines modern elegance with a welcoming atmosphere. Known for its superb cocktails and extensive gin collection, this venue offers a refined setting for an evening of relaxation and indulgence. Plus it sells local artwork and has a cracking menu – perfect from breakfast though to dinner.

Shrub is one of Chester’s most revered vegan spots and its cocktails also hit the high bar. With the perfect people watching spot on their terrace, (also a great sunning spot) and a great selection of vegan wines and flavoursome cocktails… be sure to check out the Shrub lifestyle when next in the City Centre.

Bar Lounge is an iconic Chester establishment, offering a unique blend of cocktails, Great British inspired food and music. Their terrace area is the place to be seen on a sunny day, the perfect spot for post races frivolity and to unwind, their menu deals throughout the week are the legendary to locals. Don’t miss the sharing boards!.

Late Night Cosy Spots: Unwind and Relax

Veeno is the perfect spot to enjoy a late catch-up with friends. Known for its cosy and relaxed ambiance, this Italian wine bar offers an extensive selection of wines accompanied by authentic Italian dishes. Indulge in the art of conversation while savouring delicious food and exquisite wines.

Cosy Club As the name suggests, Cosy Club is a charming venue where you can unwind in a comfortable setting. The eclectic decor, inviting sofas, and extensive menu make it an excellent choice for late-night relaxation. Enjoy a cocktail or two while immersing yourself in the cosy atmosphere

Providence Gin is a hidden gem tucked away in Chester’s city centre. This intimate and stylish bar specialises in gin cocktails and provides a sophisticated environment for late-night drinks. Discover new flavours and indulge in the world of gin while enjoying the warm ambiance. There’s also a tasting room you won’t want to miss!

Live Events And Entertainment

JAX – Find this music loving bar on Northgate Street, where most nights it will host live music and entertainment! You will most likely hear it before you see it… atmosphere will lift you up and get you feeling the groove whilst you enjoy their array of drinks selection behind the bar! If you’re looking for what’s coming up at JAX just pop in and ask..

Storyhouse No exploration of Chester’s nightlife is complete without mentioning Storyhouse. This vibrant cultural centre is home to the city’s library, dedicated theatre, children’s library and a restaurant all of its own. Storyhouse has won accolades for its diverse approach to entertainment and the arts – hosting a variety of live events, ranging from show-stopping theatre performances to concerts and film screenings. With its Open-Air Theatre and Moonlight Flicks, Storyhouse offers unique experiences that immerse you in the arts under the night sky during the summer time too. What’s not to love – it’s a must when you visit Chester!


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Chester boasts a diverse night time economy that caters to all tastes. From dance clubs like Bonobo and Rosies to intimate craft beer havens like That Beer Place and Beer Heroes, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer chic drinking venues such as Commonhall Social and North Light or late-night cozy spots like Veeno and Cosy Club, Chester offers a rich tapestry of experiences to enjoy. So, the next time you visit this historic city, make sure to explore its exciting nightlife offerings and create unforgettable memories.