Oliver & Co Employees take on West Kirby Beach for a festive, eco-friendly day out

Oliver & Co Employees take on West Kirby Beach for a festive, eco-friendly day out

It may still be 8 weeks away, but employees at Oliver & Co were getting into the festive spirit on Sunday 20th October, as a day out to West Kirby beach was organised, as preparation for the Christmas Tree Festival at the Cathedral begins.

Trees at the Cathedral will be on display from 29th November and the theme this year is sustainability, recycling and re-using – furthermore linking in with their year of waves. The festival this year is in support of Adoption Matters and Stick ‘n’ Step.

The Oliver & Co team put their Christmas thinking hats on a few weeks ago and came up with the idea to organise a beach clean-up and to use any materials collected to make decorations.

High-Vis jackets and litter pickers at the ready, the team met at 10:30 and began the hunt for any materials they could find which could be turned into decorations such as recyclable reindeers, plastic penguins and sustainable snowflakes.

Recycling and reducing plastic waste is a huge part of our corporate social responsibility and for many years we have been interested in ethical and sustainable business practices and have tried to make a positive impact on the local community. All of our waste is sorted and where possible, recycled. Any non-recyclable waste is burnt to create energy. The ash from this process is used in the construction of buildings so nothing goes to waste. We are proud to say that none of our waste goes to landfill!

Action shots from the day were captured using a Polaroid camera, which will become hanging decorations, in addition to dried seaweed which will act as tinsel on the tree.

The outing was a huge success and now the team have the task of hand crafting decorations from the materials collected in order to decorate the tree.

Keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page for a sneak preview of our decorations in the next few weeks!