St Georges Day in Chester

St Georges Day in Chester

‘All you good folk of Chester Town, come close and listen well, I have a tale of blood and gore and bravery to tell’

St. George’s Day is an important day of celebration in the United Kingdom. It is a day that commemorates the patron saint of England, St. George, who is known for his bravery and valor in defeating a dragon. This day is celebrated on the 23rd of April every year from Town Hall Square.

The history of St. George’s Day in the UK dates back to the early 15th century. At that time, it was considered one of the most important holidays in the country, and people used to celebrate it with feasts and other festivities.

In recent years, there has been a renewed interest in St. George’s Day, and efforts are being made to revive the celebration of this important day. One reason for this is the growing sense of national pride in the UK, and the desire to celebrate English culture and heritage.

On St. George’s Day, people in the UK often celebrate with parades, pageants, and other events that showcase English culture and history. There are also often special church services held in honor of St. George, and many people wear red and white clothing, which are the colors associated with the English flag.

One of the most famous St. George’s Day events in the UK is the annual St. George’s Day parade in London. This parade features floats, marching bands, and other performers, and attracts thousands of spectators each year.

Another popular St. George’s Day tradition is the Morris dance. This traditional dance involves a group of performers dressed in traditional costumes, who perform intricate dance steps to the accompaniment of live music. Morris dancing is often performed at pubs and other venues on St. George’s Day, and is a fun and festive way to celebrate this important holiday.

In addition to the parades and other events, St. George’s Day is also a time for feasting and enjoying traditional English cuisine. Some popular St. George’s Day foods include roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, and fish and chips.

Overall, St. George’s Day is an important day of celebration in the UK, and a time to honor the patron saint of England and celebrate English culture and heritage. Whether you attend a parade, enjoy a Morris dance, or simply indulge in some traditional English cuisine, there are many ways to celebrate this important holiday.

St Georges Day Chester

St Georges Day Chester

Chester and St. Georges Day

St. George was a Christian martyr who is believed to have lived during the third century. While he is often associated with the country of England, he was actually born in what is now modern-day Turkey. At the time of St. George’s birth, the region was part of the Roman Empire. As a young man, St. George joined the Roman army and rose to the rank of tribune. He is said to have become a Christian during his military service and was eventually martyred for his faith.

Chester has a strong connection to St. George’s Day, as the city is closely associated with the legend of St. George and the dragon.

According to legend, St. George was a Christian knight who slayed a dragon that was terrorising a town in Libya. The story has been widely popularised in England and has become a symbol of English courage and bravery.

With the Roman Walls surrounding the city, what better way to fully walk back in time, than taking a stroll down the historical walls.

To mark St George’s Day 2023, Chester is staging a ‘Re-Telling’ of this timeless legend in the style of a Mediaeval Outdoor Performance around the streets of Chester.

Local children from Dee Point, St Clare’s, Mill View and Tarvin Primary Schools will be joined by minstrels, knights, fools and of course, dragons, in a rip-roaring, fast paced extravaganza of colour and sound.

There will be sword play, archery, and jousting. A good deal of shouting, cheering, and booing. Knights falling over, getting up and running away.

Will George get the Dragon? Will the Princess get eaten?

Come join us and find out.

2023 – Sunday 23rd April 11.00am on the Town Hall Square