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Chester University Students

The vibrant and historic city of Chester offers a student life like no other. With a remarkable blend of tradition and modernity, student life is thriving in our picturesque city. 

The main University of Chester campus is only a stones throw away from the City Centre, so shopping, hospitality, and experiences all await! Being this close to the city centre also gives great opportunity for jobs, training and work experience in a range of fields. 

Chester City Centre has something to offer for every student, explore this page to experience the very best.

If you are currently on the hunt for a job and would be interested in working with a Chester City Centre Businesses, click on the link below to see our most up to date Jobs Vacancies. 

job vacancies in chester

Are you looking to hire?

The perfect candidate could be a click away by hiring a University of Chester Student or Graduate.

Based near Chester City centre, these students are willing, local and a part of a thriving community! Get in touch today…

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Are you a business looking to guest lecture? 

If you are a business that wants to share skills, whilst also building a community with the University of Chester and its Students. 

This could be your opportunity through guest lecturing or training sessions.