A Hive of Activity at Grosvenor Shopping Centre

A Hive of Activity at Grosvenor Shopping Centre

Grosvenor Shopping Centre’s #BEEfriendlyCHESTER campaign was a huge success thanks to the fantastic bee-themed events throughout the summer.

The event launched on Saturday 27th July with the awe-inspiring installation of a giant queen bee sculpture by local artist Faith Bebbington. Made from recycled materials, the bee sculpture was accompanied by giant flowers made by local schools Barrow CofE Primary School, Mill View Primary School and Boughton Heath Academy in a number of workshops with the artist.

The centre’s #BEEfriendlyCHESTER campaign was organised in an effort to educate and encourage visitors to be more bee-friendly with interactive workshops and educational play areas for children.

Shoppers were also treated to a great variety of activities. Local organisations such as Wirral Beekeepers brought in a live observational hive, instructing visitors on the visual differences between the bees, allowing shoppers to safely watch them hard at work.  Haughton Honey were also in attendance throughout the summer holidays, sharing their honey facts and selling their delicious local raw honey.

During the summer, Grosvenor Shopping Centre was a hive of activity, featuring a range of bee-themed activities for children. The highlight was the honeycomb ball pit, which was an instant hit with families along with a scuttlebee kids play zone and a reading area. Children were also given the opportunity to show off their creativity with a colouring competition, the winners receiving bee trunki cases.

Julie Webb, Grosvenor Shopping Centre manager said; “We’ve received wonderful feedback from visitors. It’s been a superb event with lots of busy bees enjoying the specially created play area.”

“We hope we’ve managed to achieve our aim to educate and raise awareness of the importance of bees for our environment.”

Visit www.thegrosvenorcentre.co.uk/whats-on/ for more information and to find out easy ways to support bees, from what plants, to creating your own garden hive. Plus sign the pledge to agree to “bee-friendly” with a chance to win some amazing prizes.