Authentic Italian Gelato coming to Chester Krum Gelato

Authentic Italian Gelato coming to Chester Krum Gelato

Authentic Italian Gelato coming to Chester

Located at the top of Watergate Street and Bridge Street in Chester, Krum will be a gelato boutique, bringing distinctive and original flavours to Chester.

Valentina Aviotti and Fabrizio Gobbato, owners of the Nutmeg Group, will be opening their third project Krum, an Italian gelateria in Chester city centre this spring.

The couple, who also own famed Italian restaurants, Da Noi and Augusto Pizzeria, want to bring their love of gelato and the memories it evokes to Chester with an authentic boutique, using high quality ingredients and products.

The name Krum stems from the Italian shortcrust pastry biscuit Krumiro. Created in the Northwest of Italy, the place where Valentina was born, this biscuit will inspire one of the first flavours of gelato at Krum.

Work will soon start at the premises, installing the gelato machines and transforming the shop front. The team will be appointing a Gelato Master from Italy to bring authentic Italian gelato knowledge to the boutique and create an inimitable product.

The boutique will serve gelato all year round, offering somewhere for gelato lovers to get their fix no matter the time of year.

Krum’s bespoke flavours will be available on the menu at both Da Noi and Augusto restaurants. The gelato will also be available for other local hospitality venues in Chester to include on their menus, allowing all of the city to enjoy the authentic, locally made Italian dessert.

Owner, Fabrizio Gobbato, comments: “We are honoured to bring yet another unique aspect of Italian hosptitality to Chester. We want to showcase the tradition of Italian Gelato that follows the seasons, using only the highest quality ingredients.

“Word gets around quickly in Chester and Krum has already had a warm welcome from surrounding businesses, which we are truly humbled to receive. It’s great to see the city celebrating each independent opening that makes Chester’s high street unique, especially in these challenging times for hospitality.”

Krum Gelato Chester

Krum Gelato Chester

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