CH1ChesterBID launches a 10-step plan to make sure a visit back to Chester’s city centre is enjoyable – as well as safe

CH1ChesterBID launches a 10-step plan to make sure a visit back to Chester’s city centre is enjoyable – as well as safe

With non-essential retail set to open again next week, the team at CH1Chester BID has launched a 10-step advice guide to enter and use the city’s shops and restaurants safely and happily. It will guide visitors on how to find out what’s open and what you might be able to expect on your trip to the city centre.

Chester city centre will soon see over 200 businesses in the city centre to re-open. CH1ChesterBID has created a 10-step plan to make sure those returning to the city have as pleasant and as safe an experience as possible.

Carl Critchlow, CH1 Chester Business Improvement District Manager, said: ‘The re-opening of non-essential shops is a hugely significant moment as we move the country on from a full lockdown. It’s so important for our businesses to be able to trade again to keep our city centre alive, and we have been busy advising them how to do so safely. We want visitors to Chester to be able to enjoy the experience our wonderful city offers – and to do that they must be reassured they are safe. That’s where our 10-step plan comes in. The pandemic response has changed the city’s landscape and how we will use it. Being armed with information is key. We want visitors and shoppers to make safe choices that make the city as enjoyable an experience as ever.’

The essence of the BID’s plan involves taking the time to plan your visit, with transport information and following instructions on how to navigate around the now pedestrianised streets and the newly formed one-way systems on the rows. It also reminds people to wear masks, keep using hand sanitiser and remember their contact less payment card.

The City Hosts will be back on the streets of the city at the beginning of next week ready to welcome visitors back. They will be happy to offer advice and guidance and will also be happy to hear feedback or suggestions for improvements.

Carl Critchlow added: ‘We’re keen for people to actively engage with helping us decide how we can use the city centre to its best at this time. It’s a learning curve for all of us and we’ve found since the pandemic has started, the approach has been very much a dialogue between the public and the businesses through our social channels and #ChesterTogether. Where there is a desire, the businesses are reacting and providing services.’

8th June 2020

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