Chester BID and Cullimore Dutton launch campaign to cultivate professional collaboration across the city’s business community

Chester BID and Cullimore Dutton launch campaign to cultivate professional collaboration across the city’s business community

Chester BID together with solicitors, Cullimore Dutton, through the ‘Professionals in Partnership’ network, are set to launch a campaign to attract, retain and develop Chester’s professionals.

Cullimore Dutton and the Chester BID are reaching out to professional services firms across the city to embrace a collaborative approach to learning & development within the business community, establishing Chester as the go to city for professionals.

The scheme was announced at a Chester BID event held at Storyhouse where Chester’s business leaders also heard from Mark Berrisford-Smith, Head of Economics, HSBC on the potential effects to business of the Ukraine crisis.

The new scheme would see city firms hosting employees from other sectors, who would shadow a relevant team member to facilitate a well-rounded learning experience across the professional services.

Andy Wright, managing director, Cullimore Dutton explained: ‘Although Chester has a fantastically vibrant business community, we face challenges attracting and retaining staff. In addition, the post pandemic hybrid working model offers greater opportunities for Chester professionals to join firms in larger cities without necessarily needing to relocate.’

He added: ‘This collaborative approach and pooling of knowledge will give our employees the chance to experience different corporate cultures and network with other professionals. An estate agent could spend time with a residential conveyancing team, a land agent may shadow an architect, or an accountant could spend time with a financial adviser.’

‘If this collaborative approach was embraced across the city, I truly believe we could help Chester to become the city of choice for professionals.’

Chester BID and Cullimore Dutton are asking business leaders across the city to join a dinner at Chez Jules to discuss how to turn this collaborative approach into a formalised city plan across professional services.

Nick Hodson, board member at Chester BID said: ‘We plan to gather key decision makers across a spectrum of the city businesses to help form our process and to see which services we can team together. Our aim is to offer a really useful experience to the team members that get involved in the ‘shadowing’ and cement Chester as an excellent place to work, as well as live and visit.’

Nick added: ‘Our advantage over larger cities, is the sense of community our businesses share. This new venture will further ensure that all Chester Professionals feel supported to become the best businessperson they can be and give them a sense of belonging, community, and a feeling of value.

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A Business Improvement District (BID) is a business-led, business-funded body created to improve a defined commercial area. Chester BID is funded solely by the businesses within the city.

There are over 460 businesses in Chester’s BID area with a rateable value of more than £18,000. Each of these contribute a levy equal to 1% of their business rates every year to fund a wide range of improvements identified by the businesses themselves. It is expected that approximately £2.5m of private sector funds will be generated over the five-year BID term and this money will be reinvested back into the city centre.

In June 2019, hundreds of businesses voted in favour of the plans to renew the BID’s term in Chester and on September 1st, 2019, Chester BID Company started a second five year-term

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