New Cinnabon Store Opens in Chester

New Cinnabon Store Opens in Chester

New Cinnabon Store Opens on Northgate Street

This October welcomes a new sweet addition to Northgate Street, Chester. Cinnabon! Located in the old Share Shop Premises (now re-located to Pepper Street), which has seen a complete refit of the Cinnabon creation station/ kitchen, upstairs comfy seating zone and fresh wall art which merges Cinnabon and the Chester scenery. The Artists who created the wall art is Rachel List, a Yorkshire artist who became well known in lockdown due to her NHS wall art

The Lord Mayor and Mayoress of Chester will be officially opening the Cinnabon store at 11am on the 26th October 2022, where you can finally get your hands on your very own delicious Cinnabon.

Various flavours include Chocobon, Caramel Pecanbon, Classic Cinnabon, Rolls on the go and Cinnabon Chips! You may also treat yourself to a variety Hot and Cold drinks.

Cinnabon will be available on Uber Eats, Deliveroo and Just Eat.

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