The Green Expo 2023

The Green Expo 2023

Green Expo 2023 is being held on the banks of the River Dee in Chester on June 15-17 to showcase the North West & North Wales’ green credentials.


The University of Chester has developed a connection between work and study with its work based learning programme and as a result three second year students are supporting the preparations for Green Expo 2023 in Chester.


Matthew Mealie is working as a Business to Customer Executive for Green Expo working on the Youth Conference and media. He is studying Business Management at the University of Chester, with experience as an SAP sales intern.

Oliver Coates is working on the photo competition, exposition and youth conference. He is studying Business Management at the University of Chester and works at Wetherspoons in Holywell too.

Kim Honeyford is working as Green Expo’s Social Media Executive and plans on increasing Green Expo’s online presence. She is studying Business and Marketing Management at the University of Chester and works part-time at All Bar One.

Joseph Moore a former politics student who is currently working at Anderton Boat Lift is also supporting Green Expo and Saul Foye-Burns who studied Geography is currently working at Sandstone and Bluestone Bars and working on the Green Expo Exposition.

Jane Harrad-Roberts is the Project Director for Green Expo 2023, she said; “I’m really looking forward to working with the students and everyone on creating a fantastic event for Chester and the Northwest. I know the potential students have and the skills they can bring to a project like this.”

To hear more about what last year’s students from the University of Chester’s Work Based Learning programme said about Green Expo, click this link:

More information on Green Expo and the awards is at


The Green Expo Photography Competition 2023: CLOSES SOON!

Photographing the world around us helps us to connect with that world and, hopefully, to understand it a little better. Many competitions focus on the negative aspects of climate change but Green Expo would like to focus on the positive aspects of renewable energy, innovation, the natural world and positive steps towards Net Zero.

The Green Expo 2023

Kim Honeyford, Oliver Coates and Jane Harrad-Roberts outside Chester Cathedral which is to host winners of the Green Expo Photo Competition in June

The Green Expo Photography Competition 2023 is new this year and open to all ages and abilities.

There are 3 categories:

  • Progress to Net Zero: Energy & Innovation, Reducing waste
  • Climate Change; Wind, Waves and Weather
  • The Natural world’s resilience; City, Countryside and Coastline. Coping, despite the challenges.

Each category is for:

  • Ages up to 18.
  • Adults aged 19 and over.
  • Professional Photographers.

(That totals 9 awards).

Each photo should have some relation to the North West and North Wales, either its location or of an innovation that could apply or is being used here.

Please send your entries as a jpeg file of between 4 and 1Mb in size with your completed form for each entry (maximum 5) from below.

The form will ask you for your contact information and to include why you think the photo is relevant to its category and for the story behind the photo, in no more than 200 words for each.

You will need to email each individual photo and its form from this link here. By sending us your entry you are giving us permission to reproduce the image together with your name.

We will be displaying the winners and runners up at a location in Chester City Centre in time for Green Expo 2023.

You can also download a children’s colouring in sheet here

DEADLINE for entries 31st May 2023.

For more information on the the Green Expo 2023 click here